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We start our Innerspring Mattress with the State of the Art Leggett and Platt Pocketed Coil System


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Leggett amp; Platt is the leading supplier of innersprings worldwide. Nearly 80% of Americans trust their sleep and well-being to innerspring sleep systems every nightand the majority of those systems come from Leggett amp; Platt!

The Active Support TechnologyAcirc; in all of Lamp;P's innersprings provides a dynamic response to natural body movement and reacts intelligently to individual body contours. One of the latest advancements in sleep surface technology, the mattress actually becomes firmer for needed support as weight is applied. The coils adjust instantly to your sleep movements, comforting and supporting your body actively as you dream. And with the reduced motion transfer that our Active Support Technology offers, customers get a good night's sleep every night.

I didn't know that about Innersprings!

*Kansas State University, Institute of Environmental Research

Advancing the Art of Wire Forming
Wire forming is truly an art at Leggett amp; Platt. Because we're only as good as our latest product, Lamp;P invests millions of dollars in research and development. This assures all customers receive premium quality components for the production and sale of better bedding systems. We are committed to the continuous improvement of wire equipment and product design, which results in better value for YOUR end consumers.

Better Sleep: The Need for Sleep

Innersprings and Better Sleep
Anyone who's spent the night tossing and turning knows the negative effects of poor sleep. Sleep problems have become a modern phenomenon that takes a tremendous toll on our bodies and minds, demonstrated by the unprecedented 50-percent increase in the use of prescription sleep aids among adults under age 45 from 1998 to 2006.

What you may not realize is that poor sleep caused by an uncomfortable mattress robs you of your sleep AND deprives you of your long-term health. Recent studies associate lack of sleep with serious health problems like increased risk of depression, obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Finding the right mattress is more important than ever. Dedicated to helping you sleep well, Leggett amp; Platt's innersprings and foundations are ergonomically engineered to give the support and comfort your body needs for a healthy night's rest.

Four Elements of Good Sleep
Surely you've heard of the four food groups and understand that a balanced diet plays an important role in our overall health. The same theory applies to the Four Elements of Good Sleep. If your mattress doesn't provide each of these aspects, you may be stuck in an unhealthy sleep pattern.

  • Active Support: Allows your muscles to relax in a more natural sleep position

  • Body Support: Provides proper body support; is sensitive to the body's contours and helps to reduce movement during sleep

  • Weight Distribution: Supports varying degrees of weight with consistent firmness

  • Pressure Equalization: Equalizes pressure points creating balanced support from head-to-toe

Fortunately, all of Lamp;P's innersprings and box springs are built with these four elements in mind, ensuring that you and your customers get a good night of sleep every night.

Then we add 2" of the highest quality 100% TALALAY Latex on top and bottom, making for the most comfortable and luxurious Pillow-Top. The Pillow-Top is available in four different firmnesses: Soft, Regular Firm, Extra Firm and Ultra Firm.The Art of Relaxation. Each Latexpillo Mattress is hand-crafted and is the product of almost 50 years of perfection. The top and bottom layers of 100% Pure Talalaly Latex, combined with the top-of-the-line 650 pocketed coils in the middle . . . provide unsurpassed comfort, support, pressure relief and durability. Available in Soft, Regular Firm, Extra Firm and Ultra Firm. Order direct from the Latex-pedic Mattress Factory and SAVE UP TO 50% amp; MORE 800-233-7382

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Latexpillo Mattresses


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Surrounded by 2" of Latexpedic
Acirc; PURE TALALAY LATEX FOAM on both sides; with your choice of (4) four different PilloTop firmnesses: Soft, Regular Firm, Extra Firm and Ultra Firm. You cannot find a mattress in this world that will provide you with better Support, Cushioning, Pressure-Relief, Breathability, and Durability. Designed to be completely reversible, with handles on both sides, and backed by a 20-Year Warranty.

The LATEX-pedicAcirc;Pocketed Coil Latexpillo Mattressprovides 33% more Pressure Relief than leading Memory foam Video.

TheLATEX-pedicAcirc;Pocketed Coil Latexpillo Mattressesare 4x more durable than other latex and 20x more durable than traditional bedding foams.

TheLATEX-pedicAcirc;Pocketed Coil Latexpillo Mattressbreathes up to 7x better than other latex or foams for cooler sleep. TALALAY Latex rubber cell structure resists collapsing and allows air to circulate. This breathability whisks away our body heat preventing mattresses from getting hot.

TheLATEX-pedicAcirc;Pocketed Coil Latexpillo Mattressesare Mold, Mildew amp; Bacteria proof and Dust Mite resistant; making it ideal for allergy sufferers or anyone wanting a cleaner sleep environment. Zero cases of allergic reactions to TALALAY LATEXpedic have been reported.


All Pillow-Top Mattresses are:

Components ILD Scale latexpedic latexpillo pillow top latex mattress

Select from (4) Four Different Mattress Firmnesses.

Latexpillo latex mattress INTL - How Latex is Used Today


Wake up Feeling Your Best . . . without Tossing and Turning 40 to 50X a Night!

What causes interruptions to our sleep process? PRESSURE.

Pressure on our muscles prevents our body from relaxing and beginning the sleep process.

Pressure on our circulation causes us to move, constantly acirc;#128;#156;resettingacirc;#128;#157; our sleep process.

So, how can you tell what mattress provides the best pressure relief?

When you can electrically elevate your back and your legs about 8", your whole body weight gets evenly supported; And when you can sink a 1/4" to 1/2" into the Built-in Latexpillo Topper, your whole body will feel like it is floating on a cloud of air; your whole body can just totally let go.

Model LM 7" Late

Factory Video

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Model LM 7" Latex Mattress

Model LP 9" LatexPillo

Model HP 9" High Profile

Model OC 11" Organic-Cotton



Adjustable Beds MATTRESSES basically come in your choice of (4) Four Different Mattress Types: Latex, Spring, Memory and Air

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Select an Adjustable Bed Mattress for your personal use, and take a health break.


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We welcome you into the family of Electropedic Beds. We are the original manufacturer of the Electropedic Adjustable Bed Since 1964. The Electropedic WH2 is the World's Best Built AdjustableBed. We manufacturer all AdjustableBed Sizes: Twin AdjustableBeds, full size Full AdjustableBeds double, Queen AdjustableBeds, King AdjustableBeds, Dual Queen and Dual King AdjustableBeds. Yahoo local yahoo Phoenix Electropedic Electric Beds are powered by two motors and the motorized frame and all power bed motors and electrical parts have a 20-year warranty. Choose an adjustable bed mattress for your personal use and take a health break: Innerspring adjustable bed mattresses; tempurpedic memory foam viscose elastic mattresses made by tempur-pedic (temper-pedic cloud, tempur-pedic cloud supreme, temperpedic contour); Latexpedic Latex Foam adjustablebed mattress; and Comfortaire Air AdjustableBed Mattresses. Compare the Electropedic WH2 AdjustableBed with the Craftmatic AdjustableBed, Tempurpedic AdjustableBeds, Sealy adjustable bed. Bariatric Beds that support up to 600 pounds are available from Leggett amp; Platt (Leggett and Platt S-cape and Prodigy AdjustableBeds).

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