Twin Full Queen King Dual Split


Twin Size Adjustable Bed 38" x 74" 
Standard Size Bed for Twin Regular. NOT Standard AdjustableBed Length, which is usually 80" long.
Twin Size XL Mattress 38" x 80" 
Twin XL, or extra long, is the most common size for AdjustableBeds; usually recommended for people up to 6'1". This is "half" of the common Dual King: 2--38" x 80".
Twin Size XXL Mattress 38" x 84" 
Twin XXL, or Cal King Length, is usually purchased when the husband is 6'1" or taller. Together two Twin x 84" Length, equals 76" x 84".
Full Regular Mattress AdjustableBeds Measures 53" x 74" 
Full size beds, or Double Beds, or Regular Beds are 15" wider than a Twin beds and 5" shorter than a Queen bed. Few AdjustableBeds in the fullsize are actually this size. The standard size length for an AdjustableBed Full is 53" x 80" Full Extra Long.
Full XL Extra Long AdjustableBed Mattresses usually measure 53" x 80" 
Full size beds, or Double Beds, or Regular Beds are 15" wider than a Twin beds and the same size length of the Queensize bed. Fullsize XL Electric Beds are 53" x 80", which is 6" longer than a standard, regular full size.. The 53" x 80" XL Full Extra Long is the standard Electric Bed Size.
Full XXL Long AdjustableBed Mattresses Sheets measure 53" x 84" 
Full size beds, or Double Beds, or Regular Beds are 15" wider than a Twin beds and 4" longer than a standard Queensize bed. Most Fullsize Electric Beds are 53" x 80", but can be special ordered 4" longer for those 6.2" and taller.
Queen Mattress Bedding Measures AdjustableBeds 60" x 80" ALSO Dual Queen (2--30" x 80")
Currently the dominant size bed in America, Queen Beds are 6" wider (and 5" longer) than a Full size bed. The standard length is 80" long on a Queensize. Most couple who only have size for a Queensize, are getting the two (2) 30" x 80" dual queensize so each person gets their own hand control.
Queensize XXL Long Mattress Bedding Electric Bed Measures 60" x 84" 
Only recommended for those 6'2" and taller. The standard length is 80" long on a Queensize.
Eastern King Electric Bed Mattresses Linens Measures Electric Bed 76" x 80". Also Split King (2--38" x 80")
Unless you are in California, this is the standard one-piece Kingsize. Most couples who buy the Kingsize, buy the Dual Kingsize, which is 76" x 80" or two (2) 38" x 80" side by side.
Eastern King Mattresses XXL Long Measures Electric Bed 76" x 84". Also Split King (2--38" x 84")
Very Special Order for people over 6'2". For couples, many Adjustable Bed customers are getting the two (2) two 38" x 84" Dual Kingsize.
Cal King Mattress Measures 72" x 84" Also Split King (2--36" x 84")
California King is 12" wider than a Queen bed but adds 4" in length. This may be a better choice for taller adults. Becoming the standard for many Adjustable Bed manufacturers in the Dual Kingsize (2) 36" x 84".


Dual Queen
Dual King

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7" Latex Mattress
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Mattress for your
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7" Latex Mattress 9" High Profile 10" Latex Mattress THE ULTIMATE
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Dawn House





Dawn House





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transfer master supernal 5

Supernal 3 Motor Hi-Low Adjustable Bed
Available Twin, Full, Queen and Dual King

Supernal 5 Motor: Hi-Low Adjustable Bed
Available Twin, Full, Queen and Dual King

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The Dawn House:  The "Smartest Hi-Low Bed" in the Industry
Available in Twinsize, Fullsize, Queensize and Dual Kingsize 

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Flex-A-Bed 3-Motor Fully Electric High Low
Available in Twin, Full, Queen and Dual King

Head up and Down
Foot up and Down
Whole Bed up and Down
Reverse Trendellenburg
Orange fully electric Hospital Bed    Orange High-Low Hospital Bed 

Tuffcare 5-Motor Fully Electric Hi-Low with
Trendellenburg and Reverse Trendellenberg

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Every Adjustable & Hospital Bed Mattress is available

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NOW! for the first really new advances in electric adjustable and hospital beds . . . the incredible 3 & 5 motor high-low fully electric adjustable hospital beds by Supernal, Dawn House, Flexabed and Tuffcare.  Sleep easier in unbelievable comfort.  The time you can get a good night's sleep has a lot to do with the way your body heals.  The fully electric hospital beds are so comfortable and relaxing, you are going to wonder how it would have ever got along without one.  Select a Natural Talalay Latex Mattress for your personal use and take a health break.  Ask about our friendly local delivery, set-up and service in Phoenix  (800)733-1818.


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